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India From 15-08-11 To 14-08-22 (Part 1)
India from 15-08-11 to 14-08-22

General Predictions:As per Narayana Dasa, India is under the MahaDasa of Taurus from 15-08-11 to 14-08-21. Taurus sign has GhatiLagna, Shree Lagna, co-lord (Rahu) of Hora Lagna, lord (Rahu) of 10th house and Arudhas of 5th and 11th houses. These show phenomenal increase in her power, prosperity, wealth, status, fame and gains respectively. Conglomeration of planets in the 3rd house from the Dasa-sign (Taurus) shows assertion of military strength, technological innovations, advancement in communication technologies, increased role of media, etc. Presence of 7th co-lord (ketu) in the 7th house and of 7th and 12th lord (Mars) in the 2nd house show beneficial international relations. The main cause of concern throughout this period will be presence of Jupiter in the 6th house from Dasa-sign. Moreover, 6th house contains Arudha of 9th house also. Both Jupiter and 9th house are the significators of religious matters and judiciary. So, India may continuously face problems in these areas in the given time period.

Change of Government in 2014: From 11-02-14 to 14-12-14 AntarDasa of Aries run under the MahaDasa of Taurus. Taurus and Aries form 2-12 relation with each other, so AntarDasa of Aries was quite able to affect a change in government. Moreover, lord of AntarDasa sign (Mars) aspects 5th house, ArudhaLagna and Arudha of 10th house. This caused government policy, perception of government by the people and the government itself respectively witness the flavor of martian energy.

Change of Government in 2019?From 11-02-19 to 14-12-19 AntarDasa of Libra (6th sign from the Dasa-sign) will run under the MahaDasa of Taurus. Taurus and Libra form 6-8 relation with each other, so this period may be very problematic for the nation as a whole. As mentioned previously, the sources of problems may be religious sentiments, judicial decisions and enemies of the State. Whether all these factors will cause the change of government or not will be discussed in the next article.


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India From 15-08-11 To 14-08-22 (Part 1)

As per Narayana Dasa, India is under the MahaDasa of Taurus from 15-08-11 to 14-08-21.

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Shri Narendra Modi : Charisma - Par excellence

After Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Shri Narendra Modi is the greatest mass leader of India.

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