I met Mr.Shukla in early 2013, I was not looking for any answers etc for approaching any Astrologer, instead I was skeptic of the Astrologers I heard of from friends, family and the omnipresent Television.
Myself, being from a logic/reason seeking education and a mind which needs to understand things before accepting, met Mr.Shukla though a common friend over a cup of Coffee.
In that first meeting, we did not discuss astrology much, but later, when one of my friends needed an astrological opinion and was baffled by as many opinions from as many astrologers he met. I drove 35 KM to seek time from Mr.Shukla in early morning. That specific meeting started my interest in Astrology, afterwards, I met him many times to understand the very basis of Astrology and found that its's pure Logic and Science and it's intrepretation is an Art. And Mr.Shukla is epitome of the perfect combination. Over many discussions with him, I came to know so many startling things and detailed events of my past that I had to accept the validity.
Now, I don't depend of astrology for my decisions but my decisions are Timed as per Astrological directions. I have made few significant changes in the way I function, and found a lot of peace in the outcomes, all thanks to Mr.Shukla for his expert Astrological guidance in form of a Friend, Philosopher and Guide.
I have made few significant changes in the way I function, and found a lot of peace in the outcomes, all thanks to Mr.Shukla for his expert Astrological guidance in form of a Friend, Philosopher and Guide.
We generally try to find ALL solutions in an astrological opinion and we keep asking all and sundry who claims to know astrology, and thats exactly where we go wrong, instead I would suggest to go for a Perfect Astrologer, and that's where correct decisions will start to happen, and I have found a Perfect Astrologer in Mr.Shukla.

Suryakant Gautam, (B.Tech. IIT BHU)

As a person who has a keen interest in Indian culture and philosophy ,I was always curious to know about the science behind Astrology. It's always been fascinating to know how someone can predict events buried deep in the womb of future. However, as a believer in the philosophy of karma and looking at the poor intellectual standards of most astrologers around me , I had begun to believe that both Astrology and Karma can't go together. I did not have any conviction in the fact that Astrology could also be a science. But, I had to be proven wrong by none other than Shri Pratyush Shukla.
First when I came to know about him through a friend, I was really surprised why an IIT alumnus would fall for a psuedo science like astrology and waste his entire career. Out of sheer curiousity I decided to meet him, though I had no more belief in astrology. His highly scientific approach and explanation of the methods adopted in calculations changed my perceptions completely. Now, I can say that with people like him studying astrology and with the kind of devotion he gives in ,astrology will surely get its old status back and help in the service of humanity. It goes hand in hand with Karma. Wish him all the best in his great endeavor to revive Astrology.

Niraj Kumar, (B.Tech., IIT BHU, IDAS)

It is not customary on my part to write testimonials (this being the first and most probably the last testimonial to be written by me). But it was impossible for me to turn such a request from Pratyush Shukla down. It is an honour to have been associated with him as a friend for all these years and I feel privileged in writing about him.
My acquaintance with Pratyush Shukla has been long and close and I could barely tire from writing pages about such an outstanding intellectual and high principled man as he is. But the fact of this particular testimonial being focussed on his astrological accomplishments and aspirations considerably shortens my task.
Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) is one of the most profound sciences to have been deciphered by man. It descended onto the ancient sages in their deepest states of meditation and introspection. Anyone who cares to examine even the most fundamental tenets of this great discipline cannot but marvel at its inherent profundity and depth. As regards the calculational aspect of this science, it is indeed astonishing to look at the accuracy with which it describes the motion of astronomical bodies and other celestial phenomena; which sometimes even surpasses what modern astronomy, which all its telescopes and other paraphernalia, has to offer us.
It is a matter of great misfortune that this great science is in a state of doldrums today as regards its acceptability in the modern society. Part of the reason for the demise of this great subject is the ignorance and the pecuniary attitude of those who profess this discipline today. The intellectual arrogance of modern technology oriented society in summarily rejecting all the ancient wisdom as being unscientific and irrational is another reason for this downfall.
The situation indeed calls for a resurrector - a man of enormous intellect, prodigious erudition, and high principles who could once again revive the past glory of Jyotish through his painstaking research and practice of this great science.
And I find no person more suitable that Pratyush Shukla who could accomplish this formidable task. May God help him in the accomplishments of his goals.

Ankur Sharma, (B.Tech, - IIT Kanpur, M.S. - Yale University)

I have been associated with Mr. Pratyush Shukla since we were sophomore in IIT Kanpur. His positive, nonjudgmental way of expressing his insights has always fascinated me. As an astrologer he is deeply rooted and well versed in the science and academic study of astrology. Resulting from his rigorous studies of philosophy, astrology and astronomy, Pratyush has acquired a unique blend of astrological understanding together with god gifted intuition. He is an esoteric astrologer who is intelligent, insightful and intuitive.
Pratyush has been my friend, philosopher and guide since 2004. He has given me a better understanding of my path and the role I play in unfolding the events of my life, but more importantly, was able to provide me spiritual guidance as well.
In his readings, he takes your astrological chart and interprets your squares, conjunctions, risings, suns and moons into insightful guidance for your life. His clarity, connection and intuition make you feel comfortable right away that you are in the presence of a powerful environment and if you pay attention, you will get some very valuable information to help guide your path.
He has a beautiful way of articulating the attributes of the planets and the significance of how they play in our lives.
His enthusiasm and expertise in astrology combined with his love for helping others is a powerful combination.
With his unique insight, he has the ability to circumvent the intricate problems of human life. With that being said, may God bestow on him His grace and help him in achieving his goals.

Rohan Awasthi, (B.Tech., M.Tech.- IIT Kanpur)
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