Stellar Gifts of Astrological Counseling

There is a common misconception among the general public that if they consult a competent astrologer all of their problems would be evaporated. Let me be very clear that an astrologer is not a magician with a magic wand who within a wink of eye would bring a change. Any one approaching to me may expect the following rewards from an astrological counseling session.

  • It describes your potentiality:- Most of the time people either overestimate or underestimate their own potentiality; but, as maturity dawns on them and they look at their life retrospectively, they realize that although they were seemingly free to do anything but their freedom was only limited. It is just like a bee in a closed box which is free to fly anywhere but can never overstep the limitations imposed by the boundaries of the box. Astrology can be used as a mirror. It can show anybody his or her actual potential and can guide him or her in achieving the best achievable goals.
  • It reduces your worry and anxiety:- All of us know To suggest the remedial actions to be takenthat nothing is permanent in this mortal world, everything is in a flux. But whenever we fall on hard times our difficulties seem to be never ending and we lose both our mind and patience, and consequently start doing silly things. Astrology can very clearly predict that when the time is going to be favorable and till then what astrological measures can be taken to assuage the supposedly insurmountable problems.
  • It expands your perspective:- Astrology teaches us the theory of Karma. It clearly shows us that whatever may be our present state only we are responsible for it, and whatever changes we wish to make in our present conditions, it is only us who have to toil for it. Through it we see the pattern of good and bad phases of life like bright and dark fringes in an electromagnetic emission or absorption spectrum. Overall, it makes us more sensitive for the nature of Karma and thus it enhances our perspective of life.
  • It helps you in discovering the meaning and purpose of life:- Until we know the meaning and purpose of our life we are nothing more than a ball of tremendous kinetic energy enclosed in a box: it keeps on colliding with different (a fix number) walls and with each collision it loses energy. Without a definite purpose of life, we sometime do one thing and sometime another; in a crude sense we are led by the blind impulses of desire and hatred, infatuation and aversion, mania and phobia for different things, and so on. Astrology can be one of the mightiest helps one can receive in affixing his meaning and purpose of life, for, it makes us relinquish our myopic vision of life and enables us to see it in a large perspective.
  • It shows you that life is not just a chaos:- If we have a hasty look on life, different events seem to be independent of each other, but, if we look carefully at different events of life, they appear to be like beads of a necklace having a common thread running through all of them. Astrology enwidens our vision and shows us that depending our own past Karmas the Nature (with a capital ‘N’) is constantly goading us in a fix direction. If we are in harmony with all this we remain happy in true sense, and any deviation is bound to create suffering.
  • It connects you better with your life:- One of the most disastrous effects of our falling on hard times is that we lose connection with ourselves. We get so much entangled with the adverse conditions, our mind get so much suffused with the problems that we never think of sitting alone think about ourselves, about the existence, and about the relationship between us and the existence. With the help of a competent astrological guidance one may rediscover his lost connection with himself.
  • It increases the acceptance of you to yourself:- Often, when we get enmeshed in difficult circumstances, we start blaming and cursing ourselves. It is only because we find only ourselves responsible for all the present troubles. In my opinion, it is a worthy idea that we find ourselves responsible, but, at the same time, it is equally unworthy to curse ourselves. Because what we have created, we can dissolve also. With the help of astrological guidance and some remedial measures which act at the subconscious level of our minds one accepts the current situation as it is, and makes a fresh start in life.
  • It makes you viewing crisis as an opportunity:- When in spite of our best possible efforts we do not seem to be able to tide over the difficulties of the troubled time, we must think that the Nature wants to punish us for some previously done unrighteous actions. So, it should be a time for penance. And it should be taken as an opportunity to come close to ourselves, to Nature or to God himself. It should never be thought of that we have become like a discharged battery lying in a filthy corner of a room, rather, we must think that we are getting recharged by the benevolent Nature for the future course of actions. In such a situation, astrological remedies act like a boon.
  • It reveals the multilayered nature of your psyche:- One of the most beautiful gifts of astrology is that it makes us more aware about our conscious as well as subconscious minds. Roots of most of our psychological problems lie hidden in our subconscious mind. Astrology first acts like a search light to bring such dark patches of our minds into light and then with the help of some well defined remedies it tries to mitigate the trouble.
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