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Mercury in Vedic Astrology


Description of Mercury according to Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra:

Mercury is endowed with an attractive physique and the capacity to use words with many meanings. He is fond of jokes. He has a mix of all the three humours.

Description and nature of Mercury according to Saravali:

Mercury’s eyes are reddish and broad. He speaks sweetly. His complexion is of grass green. He has strong skin. He is an extremely Rajasika planet. He is clear in his speech and is pure. He has a mixture of the three humours, i.e. phlegm, bile and wind. He remains delighted and has moderate beauty. He is skillful and sinewy. He is agreeable to all in dressing and speech and wears green robes.

Significations of Mercury according to Uttara Kalamrita:

1- Education, 2- horses, 3- treasury, 4- mathematics, 5- wisdom, 6- speech, 7- Brahmin, 8- infantry, 9- writing, 10- new garment, 11- palatial building, 12- green colour, 13- sculpture, 14- astrology, 15- pilgrimage to holy places, 16- wise lecture, 17- temple, 18- trading, 19- best ornaments, 20- courteous speech, 21- Vedanta philosophy, 22- maternal grand-father, 23- bad dreams, 24- eunuch, 25- facing north, 26- skin, 27- wet, 28- bell-metal, 29- renunciation, 30- Ritu (season), 31- a beautiful house, 32- doctor, 33- neck, 34- influencing through recitation of mantras, 35- child, 36- crooked look, 37- heaven, 38- modesty, 39- paternal relation, 40- fear, 41- dancing, 42- devotion, 43- humorous temperament, 44- powerful in the morning, 45- Hemanta Ritu, 46- stone to sharpen the knives, 47- tranquility, 48- navel, 49- family prosperity, 50- mixed items, 51- proficient in Telugu language, 52- worship of Lord Vishnu, 53- Sudra, 54- bird, 55- after-born, 56- depth of a language, 57- the Directions, 58- Atharva Veda, 59- religious action, 60- tower, 61- dust, 62- garden, 63- pudendum virile, 64- even, 65- benefic, 66- moving in villages, 67- impartial nature, 68- fond of the North-West quarter, 69- well versed in the legends of the past, 70- specialist in grammar, 71- expert in the testing of the precious stones, 72- a scholar, 73- maternal uncle, 74- sacred prayer, 75- an amulet, 76- spells of high order.               

Significations of Mercury according to Phala Deepika:

It is Mercury that influences one’s learning, eloquence, skill in the fine arts, eulogy from the learned, maternal uncle, dexterity in speech, cleverness in religious meditation and the like, aptness for acquiring knowledge, intelligence, sacrifice, any religious rite relating to Vishnu, truth-speaking, oyster-shell, place of recreation, skill in mechanical arts, relations, the rank of an heir-apparent, friends and one’s sister’s son or daughter.

We can classify the astrological properties of the Mercury by the following points:

1- Benefic or Malefic – If alone or with benefic, it is benefic; and it is malefic if with malefic.

2- It represents our speech.

3- Planetary Cabinet – Prince apparent

4- Complexion – Grass-green

5- Deity – Vishnu

6- Alphabets – It represents Cerebrals: ट, ठ, ड, ढ, ण.

7- Sex – Neuter

8- Primordial Compound – Earth

9- Caste – Vaishya (trader)

10- Guna – Rajasika

11- Primary Ingredients of the body - Skin

12- Planetary Abode- Sport ground

13- Planetary Period- Ritu (two months)

14- Taste- Mixed (मिश्र)

15- Directional Strength- East

16- Relation to Trees- Fruitless ones

17- Clothes- Black Silken

18- Season- Autumn (शरद)

19- Dhatu, Moola or Jeeva- Jeeva

20- Exaltation and Debilitation- At 15 degrees in Virgo and at 15 degrees in Pisces respectively.

21- Moola Trikona- From 15 to 20 degrees in Virgo.

22- Own House- From 0 to 30 degrees in Gemini and from 20 to 30 degrees in Virgo.

23- Natural Friendship- Sun and Venus are friends. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are neutral. And, Moon is the enemy.

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