Astrological Counseling

Whenever faced by a client, or by anybody, who comes to me for an astrological counseling, I feel myself responsible for the following three actions:

  • To observe disinterestedly:- It is my firm conviction that Indian Astrology, or in a broad sense Indian Philosophy, does not confine life into one life-span about which generally we are conscious, rather, it considers life to be a long journey. Our present condition, in view of Indian Astrology, is governed totally by our own actions, past as well as present. So first of all, I use to observe the present condition of the client in a very disinterested way, and try to understand his psychology, vicissitudes of life, responsibilities, desires, targets of life, etc. It gives me the holistic picture of the client.
  • To tell the present and foretell the future cautiously:- Every one of us is unique. Some are fond of seeing the truth in its very naked form; some have fostered an anathema for it to a variable extent depending on their individuality, and still some others fear from it. As an astrologer, I consider myself responsible for gauging both the circumstances of the client and the client himself; and then start the conversation.
  • To suggest the remedial actions to be taken optimistically:- It is my personal experience that we never need to be pessimistic. As the present conditions of any one is concerned, there can be only two possibilities: either these will be good or these will be bad. If good, we must think that these are the results of our treading the righteous path previously, and to make them still better we have to adhere to the same. And if bad, we should think that only we are responsible for all these nasty happenings. If we can become firm in this supposition that no one else but only and only ourselves are responsible for all the present misfortunes, it also becomes very clear that these can be changed upside down only by us by following the righteous path. Here the role of an astrologer is very important. Let us understand it by an example. Suppose it is raining heavily and one has to go somewhere on foot for an important work. But he is afraid of getting drenched and catching fever. He calls his friend and asks about what to do? His friend, being a benevolent person, comes to him, gives him an umbrella, and morally boosts him up in fulfilling his duties. The role of an astrologer is that of a benevolent friend.
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