Nav Graha Yantra

It is very auspicious Yantra as it contains the Yantras of all the nine planets. In every horoscope there are some planets which give favourable results and there are some other planets which give unfavourable results. Its worship strengthens the favourable planets and at the same time pacifies the unfavourable ones. So, it is used to bring the optimum benefit from all the nine planets depending on the individual horoscope.

Mantra for recital:

Om Suryaaye Namah |  Om Chandraaye Namah |  Om Budhaaye Namah |  Om Bhaumaaye Namah | Om Brihaspataye Namah |

Om Shukraaye Namah |  Om Shanishcharaaye Namah |  Om Rahuve Namah |  Om Ketuve Namah |  On Navgrahe Namah |

Navgraha Shanti Mantra:

Om Brahma Murari Tripurantakari Bhanu Shashi Bhumisutau Budhashcha |

Gurushcha Shukarh Shani Rahu Ketavah Sarve Graha Shantikara Bhavantu ||

Presiding Deity: Lord Vishnu

Day to Establish: Thursday

Direction for placing this Yantra: East

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