Eight Mukhi Rudraksha


Deity: Ganesh   |   Ruling Planet: Rahu   |   Beeja Mantra: Om Hoom Namah

General Properties:

Its presiding deity, Ganesh, is said to be Vighnaharta – remover of obstacle. Hence, it is believed to remove all the obstacles between its wearer and his/her success. It bestows its wearer both materialistic and spiritualistic success. Its ruling planet Rahu stands for dissatisfaction. In a horoscope whatever aspect of life Rahu effects, it makes the native dissatisfied in that area of life. This rudraksha nullifies all the negativities of Rahu. In a point wise manner following are its general properties:

  • It is blessed by Lord Ganesh (Vighnaharta – remover of obstacle), Kartikeya, eight Mother Goddesses, eight Vasus and Ganga.
  • It removes the obstacles in the path of success and increases all-round auspiciousness in the life of its wearer.
  • It improves intelligence and health.
  • It gives analytical mind, great understanding and good writing skills.
  • Sins of telling lies gets condoned by wearing this.
  • This Rudraksha brings good fortune in ventures of chance and speculation.
  • It is helpful in protection from evil spirits and nightmares. It is also helpful in attaining occult knowledge.
  • It is very helpful for the persons having Kaal-Sarpa Dosha in their horoscopes.
  • It brings fame, excellence in art, leadership quality and prosperity.

Medicinal Properties:

It cures the diseases of nervous system, prostrate, gall bladder, lungs. It is also helpful in fear of snakes, cataract, hydrosil, breathing problems, stomach ache, stress, skin diseases and anxiety.

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